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Who We Are Not a Fit For

If you’re visiting this site, most likely you are a Veteran looking for help navigating the VA system. We value your time; therefore, we like being direct and transparent. Sometimes that means we need to decide up-front if we are going to work well together. Our extensive experience helping veterans has taught us that we don’t want to disappoint you – or waste our own time – if we are not a good fit.

You might NOT be a fit if you:


Expect a one-size-fits-all benefit.

Perhaps someone you served with was awarded a benefit to which you feel you are also entitled. At Vet Comp & Pen we help get you the VA disability benefits that you are medically and ethically qualified for. We do not (and cannot) assure you that we will get you benefits before understanding your specific situation as each situation is unique.


Want to game the system.

When dealing with a bureaucracy, you must go through the proper channels. We have not remained in business all these years by coming up with crafty ways to cheat the government. Your reputation is on the line, and so is ours.


Refuse to fill out paperwork.

Well, most people, when polled, don’t love paperwork! But, as we stated above, you are dealing with the federal government. As when you file your taxes, a great deal of paperwork is likely to be involved.


Insist that it’s your way or the highway.

We understand you may have been through a lot, and you may have a clear idea of how your case should go. However, we are the professionals, and we understand that often things are more complicated than they may seem. We strategize, and we take the lead with your collaboration.


Blow off your appointments.

You will likely be required to set several medical appointments as part of your claim while working with us. If you do not make it to these appointments, it wont be easy to help you follow up on any claim.


Expect overnight results.

We follow a protocol when consulting with Veterans on medical issues, and these things take time. You are dealing with government agencies with limited staff, and claims are never processed overnight.


Think you can do better on your own.

Usually, we are able to bring value to veterans seeking medical consulting, but if you believe this is a “scam,” and you don’t need us, then you’re in the wrong place!


Are uncooperative.

We cannot develop medical evidence on your behalf without your full cooperation. Check your emails and messages. Go through the proper channels. Follow through with the steps we direct you to follow through on. We cannot work miracles, nor can we do your part—we can only do our own. Help us help you.


Cannot accept a rejected claim.

There are many variables at play in any given case, and the VA may or may not award you what you feel you deserve, no matter how well developed our medical evidence in support of your claim.


Insist upon an appeal.

Not every case warrants an appeal. If we know from experience your claim will most likely be denied, we will not be able to help you appeal it, though you can certainly do that on your own.

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