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Hosted By Robin Hoon

Episode #2 - How PTSD is different from other VA Mental Health Disability Claims

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Episode Description

➡️Do you think you may qualify for a mental health VA disability? Join us for our first episode in our mental health mini-series. Learn how becoming service-connected for mental health is more challenging than it seems.     

Today, Robin and one of Vet Comp & Pen’s top mental health specialists, Lucas, discuss how PTSD is different from other VA Mental Health disability claims.   

PTSD is a very specific disorder that stems from witnessing a traumatic event in a person’s life. Many Veterans are briefed on the effects of PTSD before leaving the service, but it is not the only disorder tied to a stressful event.   

The big takeaway? Many trauma-related mental health disorders don’t classify under PTSD.     

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